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Scan from the 恋に落ちた海賊王 2012 calendar

One down!

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Pirates in Love for GREE(JPN)
Towa’s Event START ! ! ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶

no break … Uhh …

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Pirates in Love for GREE(JPN)
Towa Event Reward for each stage ~

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Pirates in Love CGs//Thomas Main Route Epilogue Sequel Second Sequel

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What I wouldn’t give to float around Pirate King Alan’s mind…


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Replaying Ryuuga’s route and pick normal end, everyone decide to join to swim with us ! ! Except Nagi …. σ(^_^;)
and … Hayate compare to senchou your body is so …. Tiny … (;ↀ⌓ↀ)

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Forgive me please I’m super bored and I want cookies :C

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Just a quick sketch for an online friend who helps me acquire certain unnamed products through, shall we say, methods of dubious legality. ;)

This is Thomas, the youngest member of the Sirius Pirates from PiL. I drew him after the time skip cause his new belt and pants be faaaaaabulous As the ship newb, he’s basically everyone’s bitch and gets stuck doing all the most menial tasks. When he’s not slaving away on deck, he makes friends with the mice in his shitty living quarters because he’s just that much of a Disney princess. He’s basically a mega-innocent sweetheart who, while in battle, gleefully exclaims things like “now we can finally unleash our violent natures!”. Needless to say, Thomas doesn’t exactly seem like pirate material, until you realize that he joined the crew to get revenge for his murdered adoptive father, whose death was caused by…wait for it….his real father! :iconmelodramaplz:

[For those of you who are curious about my thoughts on this game, I have only played like half of it, and it is…inconsistent in terms of quality. The translations in the prologue and early routes are just laughably bad. The punctuation, grammar, and slang are all over the place; I think the writers tried to give the characters a pirate-y accent, but it comes across as a weird Southern hick drawl mixed with the conglomerated words of a lazy text messager o_O Thankfully, this issue goes away over time, and the game’s blatant sexism also improves as the writing gets better. I think the most interesting members of the cast are Captain Morgan (yes, that IS his name, haha writers don’t you feel clever) and Captain Alan, the leaders of the two rival/frenemy/brOTP ships, the Sirius and Rika. Morgan’s character arc is quite compelling and manages to make an incredibly cliché trope actually work , while Alan is just…a singularly odd human being. I will never stop laughing over that man’s antics.]

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Pirates in Love for GREE
takara wo sagashite ~kare to nyugaku~ Event
Nagi Route

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