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Here ya go Christine.

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Also this was just a test to see how much I can move and still have a decent sized gif. Looks alright to me, size to quality comparison.

But seriously. Dont look at all the mistakes. The chain of his weapon/hair, and the fact that his hips don’t lie.

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im like 90% sure the mc in pil is 18

Is it ever specified anywhere?

I know in Morgan’s route, when MC talks to Thomas at one point, she thinks to herself that he’s easy to get along with because they’re close in age. And her reason for choosing Russell, should you play his route, is that they’re close in age. But otherwise there isn’t really any other age indication.

16-20 is the possible range and 18 is right smack dab in the middle. But if there’s a part that actually says what exact age she is I’d be more than happy to hear it.

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Pirates in Love [Voltage, Inc.]


Les personnages principaux du jeu en entier. De gauche à droite…

  • Nathan : Le chef pète-sec
  • Morgan : Le capitaine désinvolte
  • Russell : L’escrimeur possessif
  • Thomas : L’apprenti courageux
  • Eduardo : Le navigateur glacial
  • Christopher : Le gentil docteur
  • Alan : Le mystérieux capitaine rival


Main characters of the game in full body. From left to right…

  • Nathan: The rough chef
  • Morgan: The freewheeling captain
  • Russell: The possessive fencer
  • Thomas: The brave apprentice
  • Eduardo: The cold navigator
  • Christopher: The gentle doctor
  • Alan: The mysterious rival captain
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Pirates in Love [Voltage, Inc.]

Disponible sur Android / iPhone
Date de sortie : 29/07/2011
Prix : Prologue gratuit + 15 chapitres à 3.59 € pour chaque personnage

Available on Android / iPhone
Release date : 07/29/2011
Price: Free prologue + Each route of 15 chapters for $3.99


Le hasard vous conduit à devenir un membre des pirates, les Sirius, voguant à la recherche d’un trésor en compagnie de six pirates. Vous êtes la seule fille à bord !
Des duels sont menés en votre nom, vous passez une nuit ensemble sur une île déserte… et, au milieu de tout cela, vous tombez amoureux !
A la fin de votre aventure, serez-vous récompensé avec des bijoux étincelants… ou un doux baiser ?


Chance leads you to become a member of the pirates known as Sirius, sailing away on a voyage in search of treasure with six pirates. You are the only girl on board!
Duels are fought in your name, you spend a night together on a deserted island… and, in the midst of it all, you fall in love!
At the end of your adventure, will you be rewarded with glittering jewels… or a sweet kiss?

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Should I put a link to my main blog in the about page or is that something no one cares about?

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I swear, if Pirates in Love, Seduced in the Sleepless City, and A Knight’s Devotion were updated, the entire fandom would explode into rainbows

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» Is the Pirates in Love fandom still alive, by chance?

Well I’m still breathing!

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Reblog if you want a Pirates In Love update

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