funnygirlwithakeyboard said: I know it’s alan and it looks amazing But damn I’d be lying if this picture didn’t get me fantizinging about Baba and Morgan dressed like that

Nobody said that there’s no one behind that curtain ufufufu~
dunno maybe I’ll draw them too but I need to finish this pic first


hikarunohana be happy to know at that thought you just caused my death

I just wanted an opinion on the color schemeeeeee I’m sorryyyyyyyy 


I second the Morgan suggestion!

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Pirates in Love for GREE(JPN)
Ryuuga 4th CG - Main Route

poor senchou, please dont cry … ( P′︵‵。)

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Combo Story CGs
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恋に落ちた海賊王 ~たったーつの掟~
Pirates in Love for GREE

Ryuuga (Morgan) ’ s Main route CG


From left to right






「Why your face is red? Are you have a fever?」




『Basking in the sun』


「Can’t be help. Basking in the sun like this make me thirsty.」




『Dance lesson between two』


「Therefore, to be say, leading woman is what I’m good at. ….Hey, why look down like that? 」






「…About compete with me, this guys also like alcohol. Always make Ann amazed though. How dare you, be a drinker like that…」




『Escape the party…』


「Really, I can’t stand it. Why are you so cute.」


I like this route more than his non-GREE version. Morgan is real Morgan, he is what we call ‘captain’ The discover of his friend’s death is hard and full of feels(and I like that CG the most :D) And if he could stop using all the slang…

Okay Hayate, you need my love, you need me to choose you right? You’re next. Damn the love triangle orz.

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So I made a thing…actually multiple…but I had to do it after my friend brought up the similarities….

Captain Muforgan:


Both are kings…both have to deal with wacky relative/friends trying to dethrone them.



Both feel like they didn’t get what they deserved in life…among other…

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カレか秘めてる 恋の魔法 後半


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カレか秘めてる 恋の魔法 前半


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カレか秘めてる 恋の魔法 前半


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